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PHA Facilitator Workshop The next session of the industry's best PHA training "Leading and Managing Process Hazard Analyses" is scheduled for March 22-24, 2000 in Atlanta, GA.  Receive a copy of PHA2000TM  For additional information and registration, go to PHA Workshop page.


Let TSE revalidate your PHA!  We will help setup systems so that all future validations will be a snap!

TSE releases PHA2000TM  v1.2!

PHA2000TM is a fully integrated software to manage your process safety activities! It guides you through PHA planning, documentation, tracking, and revalidation, manages your process changes, conducts pre-startup safety reviews, and keeps track of process safety information for each covered process.  Fully integrated with Microsoft Office 2000, it allows full export / import from Office 2000 applications, supports Internet functions, including .html file format!  Running on a 32-bit engine, you will have all the flexibility and upgradability of Office2000. There is no PHA software like this in the market!  For additional information go to PHA2000

Take your PSM systems to the next level.  TSE is offering a one-day workshop "Supercharging Your PSM Systems," specifically designed to address your site's PSM sustainability and cost-effectiveness issues.  The workshop takes each PSM element and presents tools and enhancements based on industry best practices to take your PSM systems to the next level:

  • new tools to make your systems cost-effective,

  • integrating behavioral safety concepts into PSM systems,

  • enhancements for each PSM element to improve overall effectiveness to take the PSM systems to the next level

This workshop is is for the experienced process safety professionals who are aware of PSM regulatory requirements, but are interested in making their PSM systems world class. For additional information, go to Contact TSE page.

Cost-effective Training Solutions Fully Customized for Your Site / Operations

Our Contractor Safety Orientation courseware delivers interactive training for designated contractor employees - ideal for your plant employees too!   Available in Internet / CD-ROM /  video delivery options.  Also available New Employee Orientation.

Addressing Facility siting Issues

Have you conducted facility siting reviews during PHAs?  We have developed technical guidance and checklists that will help guide you through the steps of facility siting review to assure that your PHAs meet OSHA's PSM standard and EPA's RMP rule.  If your original PHA did not address a facility siting review (you are not alone), a stand-alone facility siting review may be required. Go to Facility Siting.

Just-in time Operating Procedures 

Deliver operating procedures to operator workstation, complete with how-to pictures and video clips, searchable databases, and troubleshooting guides.  Run these from LAN / Intranet. Easily upgradable!  


Our Safety and Environmental (electronic) Newsletter is designed with busy professionals in mind.  This summary of important safety and environmental news and useful knowledge base documents will keep you in touch with the regulatory world and provide additional tools to manage your safety and environmental efforts.  To receive it, just leave your name and e-mail address (go to Contact Us) and we will place you on our mailing list.