PHA Facilitator Workshop

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Our training workshops have numerous case studies, examples, and class exercises.  Bring your own case study for discussion!

PHA Facilitator Workshop

Next session of Leading and Managing Process Hazard Analyses is scheduled on February 2-4, 2000, 1999 in Atlanta, GA.  Our workshop contents include all the tools you need for leading and managing PHAs (templates, checklists, electronic files) and now comes with PHA2000TM software!.  

Successful PHAs require thorough documentation and tracking of specific action items, mere knowledge of methodology is not enough.  This workshop includes:

  • How to plan, lead and manage all facets of process hazard analysis using a risk-based approach

  • How to integrate PHA methods to achieve thorough risk assessment while simplifying the PHA process

  • Leadership techniques on how to manage PHA meetings

  • How to document PHA results, setup tracking and closure to PHAs

  • Addressing future PHA validation requirements
  • Human factors and behaviour-based safety applications
  • How-to conduct Facility siting review
  • PHA of capital projects
  • How to address risk management program (RMP) rule requirements for PHAs
  • In-depth discussion of industry "best practices"

We provide practical tools you can take back and put to work right out of the box!

TSE also offers PHA Facilitator classroom workshops at customer sites.  These workshops are completely customized, including site-specific PHA examples to make the training relevant.  In addition, the workshop duration is tailored to client training needs.  These workshops are taught by instructors with significant industry experience who have worked through real-world situations.
A single copy of PHA2000TM is also provided to each participant.  This fully-integrated software manages your entire PHA - through all facets, including revalidation.  It guides you through PHA planning, documentation, tracking, and revalidation, mam\nagews your process changes, and conducts pre-startup safety review.  The PHA facilitator workshop uses the software to structure the workshop and is an integral part of the workshop!